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500 Grams


$2.60 per 100g

CHILLI & SMOKED PAPRIKA RAW HONEY – (Speciality Infused Honey Blend)


Whether you are a big chilli fan or not, this one is worth a try as it will surprise you as it ignites all your taste buds!

It features the mixed blossom honey from our hives is Mansfield / Wishart, which is slightly darker in colour, rich and bold flavour, and floral undertones. Infused within this sweet golden nectar careful blend of organic ground smoked paprika, dried chilli powder and flakes (homegrown). 

Storage / Shelf-life:

Pantry / cupboard – no need to refrigerate. Raw honey will never spoil but may naturally harden or crystalise.

Hand packed in BPA free tamper proof plastic packaging and labelled to meet retail standards.

Serving suggestions:

It's our savoury honey that is the perfect complement to meat dishes, drizzled over gourmet individual cheeses such as camembert, used as a dip once blended with sour cream or Philadelphia cream cheese, create your own marinade or simply use it as one. Alternatively, it can be incorporated into a salad dressing or amongst a stir fry - whichever way you wish, you can use this honey to transform a standard dish into something next level!

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