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500 Grams


CINNAMON RAW HONEY – (Speciality Infused Honey Blend)


This one is for the cinnamon lovers out there!

It features the mixed blossom honey from our hives is Mansfield / Wishart, which is slightly darker in colour, rich and bold flavour, and floral undertones. Infused within this sweet golden nectar is organic ground cinnamon powder and a hint of clove.

Storage / Shelf-life:

Pantry / cupboard – no need to refrigerate. Raw honey will never spoil but may naturally harden or crystalise.

Hand packed in BPA free tamper proof plastic packaging and labelled to meet retail standards.

Serving suggestions:

Add it to your teas (chai or other herbal teas), use it on toast, porridge, oats, pancakes, waffles, crepes, honey puffs or other breakfast cereal of choice, alternatively add it to your dessert such as yoghurt or vanilla ice cream or used in baked goods of smoothies - it is totally up to you!