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$3.99 Each

Unlike wire wool, stainless steel, copper, or green nylon fibre-type scourers, Jona 3D Fibre-Free Scourers will not trap food particles beneath the cleaning surface promoting bacterial growth, nor will they go limp like wetted fibre scourers.

Each grade of our scourers is made from a very tough but flexible polyurethane bonding material.

There are no fibres used in the manufacturing of the product, and the cellular structure of the scouring surface is similar to that of the supporting firm sponge.

The fibre-free scouring surface works because it is three dimensional. The white-coloured soft outer beads carry away residue whilst in the Black and Green grades, the harder fine abrasive particles underneath perform the aggressive scouring action.

Which Scourer do I need?

The Jona 3D Scourer range has 3 distinct grades which cover the full spectrum of commercial and domestic cleaning needs:

  1. Black – Extreme Acting
  2. Green – Heavy Duty
  3. White – Non-Scratch

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