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One of the trendiest indoor plants is the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrate). Its large, leathery, and glossy fiddle shaped leaves add a certain architectural elegance to a room, especially when potted up in a sophisticated planter. Help your fiddle leaf fig thrive with these tips on pruning, propagating, watering, fertilising, and repotting. 

Fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 15m tall outdoors and 3m tall indoors, they add the perfect splash of colour and height to any room. Be careful though, these beauties are Toxic to Both Cats and Dogs


Fiddle leaf figs like to be watered well, but they also love to dry out slightly in between watering. Avoid just putting on a cup here and there, however. "We like to take ours outside and give them a good drenching, this allows them to really take up lots of water into the potting mix. A shower is ideal. Water more in the spring and summer months, less in winter