What we do

We find beautiful Australian seafood, caught in our pristine local waters, and make it easy for our customers to take home and enjoy.

We have a range of ready to cook products that are made with Australian seafood. All of our products are hand-made at our kitchen in Noosa then snap frozen to retain their perfect texture and taste. Freezing our seafood at its freshest means we can get the best quality possible to you so that you can cook it at your convenience.

Our story

Noosa Seafood Market is a family-owned and operated business. Our story began 35 years ago when the Noosa Junction Seafood Market was opened on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It was a local favorite for fresh seafood. Chef Andre Gorissen and his wife Wendy took on the shop ten years ago, changing how seafood retailing would work on the coast. With the freshest produce, beautiful market style cabinets and more local varieties, the shop has become a tourist destination. With two more local chefs onto the team, Andre focuses on helping customers choose and cook our beautiful Australian seafood.

A natural move for a chef and fishmonger, Andre developed a range of products that his customers could easily take home and prepare themselves. From his delicious Thai inspired fish cakes to the winter warming seafood chowder, the range has been growing and is ever more popular.

Great food needs to be shared. So, in 2012, Noosa Seafood Market was born. Using only Australian seafood and hand making everything in Noosa, Andre’s ‘good mood food’ is now appearing in over 30 independent grocers around Queensland and will be in Harris Farm Markets in New South Wales from August 2014. Noosa Seafood Market is dedicated to making Australia’s beautiful seafood easier to take home and enjoy.

Real food for real people

It was the Noosa holidaymakers who wanted access to Andre’s beautiful, easy to prepare food when they went home that inspired the creation of Noosa Seafood Market. The momentum and excitement of food lovers around Australia continue to drive the business. Being on location in stores and doing product trials means Andre and his team get direct feedback from the people who eat his food. He knows he has got it right when he hears, “oooh, YUM!” As Andre says, ‘We make real food for real people’. And they love it!

Community matters

We live in Noosa and we work in Noosa. This is our home and the people here make up what we are. We employ local chefs, fishmongers, packers and office staff. Including the Gorissens, four families work in the business. The seafood industry is an important part of our economy and employs many people on the coast. We work directly with our Queensland and Australian suppliers and make sure we grow hand in hand with them.

Looking after what we love

For us, quality starts at the source. Australian waters are some of the best in the world for seafood. We focus on wild catch seafood – we know where it’s from and how it was fished, caught or grown. We’ve been working with local fisherman for a long time and know we get their best. Up here, sustainable fishing isn’t a throwaway line. We use more varieties from our catch and more of the fish to make our products. We regularly consult with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to make sure the species we bring in continue to grow naturally at a sustainable level for fishing. Seafood is such an important resource for us, now and into the future. We love where we live, and we love seafood in our oceans. So, we look after both.

Quality craftsmanship

Seafood demands superior attention to detail and focuses on quality. Absolute freshness, perfect texture and delicate flavor are paramount. Our chefs and fishmongers are a craftsman. Their art in selecting, filleting and preparing our seafood is unsurpassed. Fish are selected individually and filleted by hand. Andre’s recipes are meticulously executed by the chefs in the Noosa Seafood Market kitchen. Everything is hand-made, hand-packed and delivered with care.

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