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$1.29 per 100g


La Molisana Bio pasta is 100% from organic farms in Italy without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Together with the experience and tradition of the Molise region.
Made with 100% Organic Italian durum wheat semolina.
Made with 100% natural and highest quality ingredients from organic seeds to pure mountain air and crystal spring water that cooks up perfectly ‘al dente’ every single time for the delicious taste you expect. Easy to identify product and each varieties.
Penne Rigate is one of the most famous Italian pasta shapes. The large diameter and ridges of Penne make it ideal for retaining sauces on the entire surface, inside and out! Comes in a Shelf Ready Cartons Perfect for: Best meat, vegetable, cheese based sauces. Also perfect to use in oven baked pasta dishes and in pasta salad.
Country of Origin: Product of Italy Benefits: All natural,100% Organic, 100% Vegan, Suitable for Vegetarians, Suitable for Vegans, No artificial flavours or colours, Certified Kosher and No GMO