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400 Grams


$1.75 per 100g

La Molisana Gluten Free pasta is by far the best on the market! Made with premium brown rice flour, corn flour, rice flour, tapioca start, quinoa flour gives the pasta it’s full flavour.
Great same taste and texture just like regular pasta
It’s strong enough to retain its shape when cooked.
Same resistance to the bite, ‘al dente’ and low stickiness as normal pasta. Extruded through traditional ‘bronze dies’, for that homemade rough texture that helps pasta to absorb and hold on to any sauce and cook to perfection every single time.
Conveniently packaged in 400g packs.
Are lighter, more digestible and nutritious than many other types of gluten free pastaLa Molisana Premium Quality pasta comes from the Molise region of Italy.
Fusilli traditional to centre-south of Italy and are large coils and elongated in shape, which captures the sauce perfectly. Easy to identify product and varieties
Resealable packets.
Comes in a Shelf Ready Cartons
Perfect for: Best with meat, cheese based sauces and vegetable sauces, like tomato sauce with peppers, eggplants, olives and capers. Also perfect to use in oven baked pasta dishes and in pasta salad.
Country of Origin: Made in Italy Benefits: Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, Suitable for Vegetarians, No artificial flavours or colours, Certified Kosher and No GMO

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