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San Nicola Parma Ham is renowned for producing the finest quality Prosciutto world wide. Produced in the Upper Po Vally in the province of Parma. The secret of San Nicola Prosciutto Di Parma D.O.P is careful section of pigs sea salt time and fresh air from the Apennine mountains. All hams arrive to the factory fresh and then are rapidly ready for the long and slow curing process. Naturally dried and cured premium pork leg. Available aged in 18 months and now 24 months which obtain a exquisite texture and flavour. Produced following a strict legal guidelines which are closely monitored inspected and traced approved by the Consorzio di Prosciutto di Parma. The colour of the ham ranges from pink to red hues and marbled with white fat. The aroma and flavour is sweet mild and delicate cured only salt and much care. Each ham is fire branded with the four-pointed Parma Crown certifying it as authentic Prosciutto di Parma. Must be thinly sliced. Ideal as a sandwich filler eat on its own or with crusty bread pizza topping or as part of an antipasto platter.