Plastic Packaging – we’re making changes

Recently we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the use of plastic packaging for fresh fruit and vegetable items in-store as part of the growing conversation and focus on the reduction of plastics across the retail community.

Firstly we would like to say thank-you to those who have reached out and expressed their views on this issue, your feedback helps keep us on track with customer and community expectations, wants and needs. Secondly, we completely agree. Our use of plastics as a business has always been entirely for lack of better (affordable) packaging options, to provide the value pack buys that customers look for. Every time we package something it adds cost which we either have to absorb ourselves or pass on to our customers, neither of which is helpful.Value buys no longer packaged.

The care of our environment is also of great importance to us as our business relies almost exclusively on primary produces, who intern require a healthy a sustainable environment which none of us want to see suffer. We also do not wish to contribute to the negative effects on sea-life and other animals and habitats posed by plastics.

So what are we going to do about it… Well starting immediately we’ve halved our plastic packaging used in fresh fruit and vegetables. We’re also trialling the use of 100% landfill biodegradable plastic film with packaging suppliers BIO GONE, as well as looking at alternative packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and do not carry environmental risks. We would also like to remind all customers that black foam trays in use in-store are 100% recyclable if properly disposed and we will happily take these plastics off at checkout (for re-use in many cases) on request.

We would like to invite all of our customers to continue to speak with us in-store or online regarding anything and everything they would like to see at Zone Fresh. While change can take time, your contribution is invaluable to us as a small business and we will endeavour to meet our customers’ expectations wherever we can. We appreciate every bit of your support and look forward reducing our reliance on plastics in future.

Team Zone Fresh.

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