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400 Gram


AEGEAN SUPREME NUT MIX Ingredients: Almonds (salt maltodextrindried yeast (autolysed Yeast smoked yeast (smoke flavour) Yeast extract (Barley) Natural Flavour (WheatMilkSoy) Cashews Pistachios Paenuts Pumpkin Seeds Kri Kri Peanuts (PeanutsCoconutCanola Oil) Wheat Flour Paprika Chilli Gound Salt Sugar Bbq Corn(Corn Oil Sugar Salt Corn Syrup Solids onion powder Monosodium Glutamate Vinegar Powder Garlic Powder Yeast Extract Maltodextrin Citric and Acetic Exract. Made in Australia from at least 33% Australian Ingredients.

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