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250 Grams


$5.99 per 100 Grams


Auricchio PECORINO is the generic name for cheeses made from 100% pure sheep’s milk. Produced in Lazio and Sardinia where free range sheep are raised. It has received the D.O.P. Seal that guarantees the is cheese was made locally and using traditional method & promises the highest quality!
Type: Hard Aged: 12 months.
Texture: creamy, crumbly and firm
Colour: Pale yellow Flavour: Is a fragrant, mature hard cheese, salty, nutty and sharp. 
How to use: Grating, melting, slicing and adding it to grazing platters. Pairings: Fresh figs, honey and white wine such as a Soave.
Country of Origin: Product of Italy
Benefits: No artificial flavours or colours and D.O.P. Seal