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1 Litre


$9.50 per 1 Litre

If you need a little bit of help getting your digestive health moving in the right direction, Bickford’s 100% Prune Juice could become your new best friend! Prunes and Prune Juice are globally renowned as an aid to digestive health due to their high sorbitol content and are believed to have many other benefits which can assist in promoting your overall wellbeing.

Prunes are extremely high in potassium which your body doesn’t produce naturally, so a daily dose of Bickford’s Premium Prune juice is an easy way to help supplement a balanced diet.

Made from 100% prune juice, this all-natural juice has pleasurably warm flavour and balanced, full-bodied mouth feel with no aftertaste. It really is goodness that tastes great.

Bickford’s 100% Premium Prune Juice is low in sodium and has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

It’s Australian Made and contains no added sugar. It’s only natural.