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425 Grams


$3.06 per 100g

CREAMED HONEY – Traditional Whipped Raw Honey


It is hand-crafted artisan creamed honey, consisting of a careful blend of liquid and candied Mixed Blossom Honey, whipped together to create this magical product – the trick is to get the ratio right.  

When honey crystalises due to the natural glucose and fructose sugars contained within raw unheated honey it creates the much needed catalyst or ‘seed’ – our creamed honey contains a large number of small crystals and trapped air bubbles the way nature intended it be resulting in a mild flavoured  creamy-white smooth honey that spreads like butter and unlike liquid honey, does not drip.

This product contains no dairy. Popular with kids and adults that grew up consuming this product as a child.

Storage / Shelf-life:

As a natural preservative free product, it is best stored in the refrigerator to maintain texture and colour. Remove and let reach room temperature before using as a spread, If left in a cupboard out of direct sunlight, product may discolour, and texture will change over a time (1-3months – depending on the room temperature). Raw honey will never spoil but may naturally harden or crystalise.

Hand packed in BPA free tamper proof plastic packaging and labelled to meet retail standards.

Serving suggestions:

Use the same way a liquid honey…stir into hot tea or coffee, incorporate into your favourite sandwich, bagel, fruit-toast or muffin, pancakes, waffles, crepes, crumpets, French toast, or other baked goods, smoothie, or favourite breakfast cereal. Best eaten straight as nature intended – as a standalone product.