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Zone Fresh’s Finest


1 Kilo


$1.70 per 100g



Try this season freshly harvested mixed blossom honey from our hives located in Coorparoo 

This honey is light golden amber colour and the flavour profile is mild to moderate pending on time of year and taste is driven by the variety of mixed blossom flora available to the bees that is currently blooming. This as a classic amber coloured honey with a delicately sweet flavour and dense but smooth runny texture.

Most honeys you will find on a supermarket shelf have been heavily filtered (taking out the beneficial pollen etc) and heated up (usually over 40 degrees but up to or in excess of 100 degrees), which destroys the antibacterial components as well as the beneficial enzymes of honey and stops crystallisation from occurring. Brissy Bee™ Raw honey is 💯 pure and natural, it remains unadulterated and is simply double cold strained mixed blossom honey.

Hand packed in BPA free tamper proof plastic packaging and labelled to meet retail standards.

Storage / Shelf-life:

Pantry / cupboard – no need to refrigerate. Raw honey will never spoil but may naturally harden or crystalise.

Serving suggestions:

Stir into hot tea or coffee, incorporate into your favourite sandwich, bagel, fruit-toast or muffin, pancakes, waffles, crepes, crumpets, French toast, or other baked goods. Drizzle over ice-cream, smoothie, or favourite breakfast cereal. Best eaten straight as nature intended – as a standalone product.