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Zone Fresh’s Finest


200 Grams


$3.99 per 100g

We are excited to introduce our delectable Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Bursting with homemade flavour, this authentic sauce is a mushroom lover's dream come true. With every spoonful, you'll experience the rich earthy essence of mushrooms, enhanced by the creamy finish provided by real cream.

Ultra convenient, ready to serve in just 60 seconds. Perfect for those moments when you need a quick and mouthwatering sauce for your steak, chicken, veggies or pasta!

We take pride in offering a product that caters to various dietary needs. Our Creamy Mushroom Sauce is gluten-free, ensuring everyone can relish its incredible taste without any concerns. Moreover, it's free from artificial colours, flavours, and added preservatives, making it a wholesome choice for your culinary creations.