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Zone Fresh’s Finest



$6.99 per Kilogram

  • Named after the red coloured flesh which contains anthocyanins.
  • Small to medium sized fruit with a thin, smooth or slightly pitted skin that is orange with a slight red blush.
  • Flesh is deep red in colour, but can have orange coloured areas as well.
  • Less acidic than common oranges.
  • There are three types:
    • Tarocco (from Italy) are medium sized and very sweet. Flesh is a combination of orange and red in colour.
    • Sanginello (from Spain) have a red blush on the skin, are seedless and sweet tasting.
    • Moro has a deep red/purple flesh and reddish rind. It is said to have a slightly raspberry-like taste.
  • Eat fresh, and are especially good for juicing.