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Zone Fresh’s Finest


180 Grams


$2.70 per 100 Grams
Let us introduce you to Pure Bacon. Bacon as it is meant to be.

NITRITE-FREE We use a pure, natural preservative. It is a whole extract of fruit and spice.

SUGAR-FREE Because our Streaky bacon’s sweet enough! We don’t add a honey or sugar cure to this bacon’s process and we’ve found the flavour to be honest, pure and absolutely sweet enough.

BRED FREE-RANGE These are no ordinary pigs. They spend their days walking about lush paddocks and when the sun sets, they slumber in enviro shelters on beds of straw. These piggies want for nothing.

KETO FRIENDLY Keto friendly bacon, born from demand of the keto movement and our local cross-fit gym mates to have a pure, healthy bacon that’s second to none. We then thought, hey, why not bring the purest bacon we’ve ever produced to the mainland? And Thus! PURE BACON was born. To say we’re a little excited and proud is well, true!

PALEO FRIENDLY Paleo friends, your bacon needs are now fulfilled.

GLUTEN-FREE Gluten sensitive folks can dig in with glee.

E-NUMBER FREE In fact, free of all artificial flavours and preservatives.

DRY-CURED In a third generations old process.