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150 Grams

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$4.66 per 100g

Dive into the irresistible crunch of SnackaChangi Salted Potato Chips! Great Uncle Kenny's Amazing Chips are chunky, crunchy, crispy, and brass kettle fried to perfection, featuring corrugated slices for maximum texture and taste. These traditionally salted chips are seasoned by our expert, 'Big Dave Tuscan', ensuring every bite is packed with flavour.

SnackaChangi is renowned for innovations like the revolutionary Vinegar and Salt range and their commitment to using 'free-range' non-caged potatoes. The chips’ solid structural integrity makes them perfect for dipping, handling even the thickest and heaviest dips with ease.

    Whether it's their award-winning taste or their entertaining and bold flavour, it's no surprise SnackaChangi has earned accolades like 'Best Newcomer' at the Chip and Dip Awards. Enjoy the #1 premium salted chips in NZ, a favourite for their indoor-outdoor flow and unbeatable taste! Available now at The Local Basket, treat yourself to the finest chips on the planet!