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Zone Fresh’s Finest


80 Grams


$12.49 per 100g

Our Pepper 80g Bag of Natural Beef Protein, has a bit more heat. A subtle blend of beef and cracked black pepper delivers a unique, spicy combination.

Looking for a health snack that's easy to grab when you are on the go? 

A clean, high protein snack, that will give you the energy to keep going.

Makes a great, no nasties snack for kids too!

Our biltong brings you all of the goodness, without any of the nasties. 

Made from 100% Australian Beef. A truly wholesome product. Air dried, sliced, low in fat, low in sugars and low in carbs, we pride ourselves on our product being a clean alternative for those who want a whole food, with real ingredients, that's clean, tasty and ready to eat.

Clean Protein On The Go.

No Artificial Flavours. No Preservatives. No Nasties.

Eat with joy.

Less Than 2g Carbs /   No Added MSG /  High In Protein /  Less Than 2.5g Fat